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I present to you: My absolute/ultimate/total relax outfit… Nothing better than loose-cut denim – preferably as a one-piece – an oversized shirt, and a pair of slippers. Totally ready to cruise through the day. Although, this outfit is way to warm right now. Cause no matter where I go, New York or Toronto, it’s BLOODY HOT out there. So I’m mostly spending my time indoors, oh wait, no, our air-condition is broken, so even for indoor-life this outfit is too warm. Don’t worry, we are not a naked-house, we wear decent outfits, move slowly, and embrace every single breeze we can get through the front-door… So, going back to cruisin’, best thing to do when your AC is broken?

Drive around, windows down, and face out like a dog on his happiest day! Thus, here I am, ready for another drive around town, with my Chanel Cruise 2016 bag, which is perhaps the coolest bag on earth. I mean, you know me, I’m not someone for black bags. I wear them, occasionally, but I am a true believer that bags are supposed to uplift your look, make a statement. Like your shoes. What do you prefer? A classic Chanel in black or a funky one like the one I’m wearing today?

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