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Calvin Harris’ Got All The Girls In New Snapchat

“Now baby, I’ve got a lot of love to give / And I’ve been over-oversubscribed with relationships / See you’ve got a little thing I haven’t seen before / But I must warn ya that I can’t help but play around for sure.”

Calvin Harris sings these words on his 2007 single “The Girls.” Little did he know how apt they’d one day be.

The Scottish DJ seems to be enjoying bachelorhood in his latest Snapchat. Yesterday Harris shared a photo of him hanging out with a group of beautiful ladies, adding the caption, “I write songs.” We’re pretty sure the subtext of that is, “I would rather be here than holding hands with Taylor Swift in Rome, okay?”

Is this a ploy to make his famous ex jealous and tear Hiddleswift apart? Is Harris actually dating one of these women? Or is it just that age-old trick of showing the world that you are even more desirable and badass than you were before the breakup? We have so been there.

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