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My Favorite Dentist in the World (Veneer specialist to Celebrities)

By Huda Heidi Kattan

Sooo, A TON of dentist have offered to do veneers for me for free if I gave them support on Social Media. I had heard so much about Dr. Apa, so I thought I would just sit with him and see what he had to say about my front teeth, which had shifted.

He was sooooo good, that I actually told him if he removed my sisters awful Veneers and redid them, I would pos this video! I really wanted to share his work anyways with you. I’m not going to lie his prices are high! But he is WORTH it! Invest in your smile! I actually hate veneers and I can spot them a mile away, which is why I love him! You literally cannot tell which one of my teeth are real, and which ones are not!

He launched a whole series on Youtube, so you guys can check out all of his before and afters! If you don’t like your teeth, he will change your life!

His Channel:

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