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Top 18 Unforgettable Moments from Game of Thrones – Hiatus

18 Subtly Important Moments Not to Forget During the Game of Thrones Hiatus. During the dreaded annual Game of Thrones hiatus, it’s easy to forget small details in favor of recalling the big ones – dragons, explosive battles, major deaths, and the like.

Game of Thrones

But oftentimes, it’s those tiny, forgotten details that turn out to play a major role later on in the series. Plenty of seriously important events unfolded during season six, so it would be easy to let the memories of these subtle moments fade before outlet season seven premieres next year . . . which is why we’ve outlined which details are bound to have larger implications for the future fashion of Game of Thrones. Top 18 Unforgettable Moments from Game of Thrones – Hiatus Ned leaning Arthur Dayne’s sword against Lyanna’s deathbed: In the prophecy of Azor Ahai, regarding “The Prince Who Was Promised,” it is foretold that the chosen one would be “born under a bleeding star.” When Ned Stark finds his sister Lyanna at the Tower of Joy, special focus is paid to.

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