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I Only Hooked Up With Jax Once – Celebrity News

One and done. Vanderpump Rules Faith Stowers confirmed to Us Weekly exclusively that she only hooked up with Jax Taylor one time.

“I didn’t accept any other advances at that time,” Stowers told Us about her relationship with Taylor, who was dating current girlfriend Brittany Cartwright at the time. “After it happened once, I told you Jax wanted to have me come bring girls and stuff.”

She continued, “But he wanted it to be an ongoing thing. He wanted it to be me and him doing this, and he told me that he would let me know as soon as they were broken up, that he would come tell her soon, and boom, that’d be the end. It’s all good. That was a lie … You’re done. We’re not doing this anymore.”

As previously reported, it was revealed in the season 6 premiere of Vanderpump Rules that Taylor cheated on Cartwright with Stowers. It was implied in promos for the Bravo hit that Taylor may have slept with Stowers more than once.

The former SUR waitress spoke to Us about how their relationship went from flirty DMs to an affair.

“He comes over at 3 in the afternoon, middle of the day, he was out running errands in my area, so I’m thinking, ‘OK, nothing’s gonna happen.’ I was in the room writing music, so I had my recorder on. I let him come over, he comes into the room and it was almost immediate,” Stowers revealed. “When he gave me a hug, I have on shorts on — it’s hot, it’s summer —he grabs my butt and I’m like, ‘Jax, what are you doing?’ He goes, ‘Oh, you know, Faith, you know I’ve been wanting this for a long time’ …  He’s almost begging, but it was not in a disgusting or dirty way. It was like, he just really needed to talk to me and as he’s talking to me, he’s grabbing on me. One thing led to another. It happened so fast that … We weren’t worried about protection, we weren’t worried about anything, it was just so fast.”

Stowers added, “Yeah, it was almost like he really, really needed this. It was … you could just tell, cause even when during the intercourse, it was very intimate, it was like … he just, I don’t know. He was in a whole other world, he was just so excited. I don’t know. I was into it, ’cause I liked him, I could tell he was more into it than I was. If that makes any sense.”

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