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Samsung Airbrushing All Her Selfies?

This happened to author and blogger Mel Wells, who noticed that every photo she took of herself with her Samsung phone automatically airbrushed her face.

According to People, Wells posted two selfies to her Instagram that showed how her once freckled face was edited to be completely freckle-free.

“Wow Samsung,” she wrote in the caption of the photo. “When you get a brand new phone and go to take a selfie and realise that the default setting on the front camera is automatically on ‘Beauty level 8’ which evidently means: seriously airbrushed face.”

The airbrush setting is one that can be turned off, but it is the phone’s default front camera setting, something that concerned Wells.

“This means everyone who gets a new Samsung phone and flicks the front camera on is automatically being told “Hi, we’re Samsung and we think you look way better when we automatically airbrush your selfies for you, x 8!!” she wrote.

Adding, “Thanks @samsungmobile for the vote of confidence, I think I’ll keep my freckles and imperfections since this is how I look in 3D and this is how all my friends see me in real life.”

While some of her followers questioned why she didn’t just turn the setting off, Wells made it clear in a second Instagram post that this was about more than a setting, this was about woman loving who they are, flaws and all.

“Of course you can turn the setting off/on as you please,” Wells said in another post. “I wanted to raise this point as I think it’s one thing for us the consumer to decide to edit our photo after it’s been taken, but it’s another thing for the manufacturer to do it for us before we’ve even taken the shot.”

Wells makes it clear there’s nothing wrong with a Photoshopping a picture, if that’s what you like, but you shouldn’t feel forced to.

“The more we are told that we are supposed to look flawless, the more unhappy we will feel in our own skin – because none of us are flawless!” she said. “On the contrary – it is our imperfections that make us most beautiful.”

Wells just wants Samsung to realize that, too.

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