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Kylie Keeps PutsTyga In Her Snap Story (Again)

Kylie Keeps PutsTyga In Her Snap Story (Again)

The pair have been helping each other stay relevant for some time now, and Kylie has just taken another step in that direction. The Jenner sister posted an image of the rapper to her Snapchat.

Well, she posted one image that was a picture of three images of her and Tyga in various states of embrace.

We’re Kardashianologists here, but this has even us scratching our heads. Kylie could be indicating that she views the two of them in bed, since the images are laid on her bed. She could also be doing this in a “We are never getting back together” way, since he’s not actually in the pictures.

Alternately, and this is the most likely scenario, she knows that people will continue to be interested if it seems like she’s still interested. We know he is. We’re assuming if the two chose to see each other, it would be privately. After two drinks. And a long debate with their friends that ended with, “I already called the Uber, so it’s happening.”

And a lot of subsequent eye rolling.

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