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What Does This American Horror Story Logo Mean?

The AHS team has already delivered its first riddle in the form of a just-released logo. It’s a 6, but also a question mark. We’re obviously heading into the show’s sixth season, but is there more to it? What does it all mean?American-Horror-Story-logo

Co-creator Ryan Murphy has yet to reveal this season’s theme, but the jeans logo may hold a clue. Perhaps that 6 is no coincidence: Could it allude to the “number of the beast,” 666? Emma Roberts also mentioned in an interview that her role in the upcoming season would be “devilish.” The show has tackled exorcism and devil references in the past, but is there more water in that well? And can we go ahead and request a Red Devil cameo?

Just spitballing here, but if season 6 is all about devil-worshippers, we’re totally patting ourselves on the back.


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